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    Business drives the economy. We believe that economy should shift to a holistic approach.


    Business touches whatever we do to generate economic exchanges. It can be anything in the range of funding a startup, leading an NGO, finding a job, or managing a team in a corporation.

    It is also a matrix to shape the way we relate to others and build communities.


    We know business is one of the fastest ways to spread learning into societies. It is a very powerful leverage point.


    We bring in practices that re-connect business to the other dimensions and thus provide healthy and sustainable development.

  • Team Academy Business School


    Team Academy is the perfect way of learning to do business in a conscious way with an experiential, holistic, and pragmatic approach.


    TA has no classrooms, teachers, nor exams. Everything is learned in practice, in a team, fostering autonomy, responsibility, and accountability.


    The model was born in Finland where it has been successful for more than 25 years. In the Netherlands, it has been operating as an independent university for more than 15 years.


    With a Finnish soul and a Dutch flavor, Team Academy becomes part of Love2Learn Valley to offer the possibility of studying careers related to Business Administration and Social Innovation in a non-traditional way, granting a European officially accredited degree.

  • Learning by Doing - Real companies

  • Collaboration Based - Learning in Teams

  • Entrepreneurial Studies - Accredited European Degree

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