• Downtown or suburbs?


    Love2Learn Valley is amazing anywhere.

  • Campus Concept

    Take a look and enjoy!

  • Campus Implementation

    Love2Learn Valley is a community game-changer.


    As a vibrant hot spot, it is the space where all possibilities are taken into account and where everybody wants to be.


    The implementation strategy has been thoroughly thought in order to allow the community to build up organically.


    Stage 1 is meant for Immediate Impact and Stage 2 brings in all the resources to provide for a long run Transformational Change.


    From a business perspective, this implementation strategy makes Love2Learn Valley become a great booster for real estate developments in suburban areas.

  • Strategic Stages

    We understand that we need to bring immediate solutions that allow catalyzing urgent transformation.


    We define starting by receiving young people and adults who look for tools and communities that accompany them to face complex challenges.


    Executives, teachers, managers, entrepreneurs, and daring geeks committed to being the change they want to see in the world, find in Love2Learn Valley the space they were looking for. They become restless pollinators for the entire region.


    In this first stage, which displays its essence in a concentrated version, Love2Learn Valley becomes a benchmark for learning and social innovation in Latam. It lays the foundations for the transformation of education systems in the region.

    Once the Community flourishes, it is in a position to give away its seeds.


    Love2Learn Valley's longer-term bet is to fully serve the complete human lifecycle.


    The School & Kinder grow with the energy of the Community that was created in the first stage. It brings in the freshness of the new generations and turns Love2Learn Valley into a permanent power plant for the exploration and implementation of novelties.


    Along with the School & Kinder, the Movement and Cowork spaces, as well as the Hotel, reach their full capacity. An upscale Restó is added to open up for more enthusiasts to join us and deepen the essence of the Learning Valley.

  • Campus Implementation Timeline

  • Urban Option

    Cities have their own magic ;)

  • Urban Concept

    Urban and suburban areas have their own special magic. They shape how we live, work and connect with others and Nature.


    While the Campus implementation is the complete big vision of a transcendent innovation space, the agile Urban implementation is meant to be a blow of fresh air inside a crowded city.


    Following the global trend of generating high-impact spaces that merge entrepreneurship, cowork and coding schools, Love2Learn Valley offers a broader scope. By including teacher and executive learning as well as art, movement and kinder, all of them under a powerful curation, Love2Learn Valley rises as a leverage point to unravel and challenge several systems at the same time, within a holistic approach.


    The Urban Implementation allows for a quick and bold embodiment of the essence. It also has the potential to include co-housing and/or other real estate developments, which turns the project into a very attractive business opportunity.

  • Urban Implementation Timeline

  • A Global Community.

    Starting in Argentina.

    Growing to the Americas

    and beyond.


    Latin America is in desperate need of a profound change but it is still far behind in developing its own solutions.


    There is a huge opportunity in adapting and implementing already well-known projects and scaling them up rapidly to convey immediate impact (especially in adult, entrepreneurial and technological education) and transformative impact (in the long run, via new generations).


    Being glocal means we embrace a global approach while taking care of the local details.

  • Welcome to Love2Learn Valley.

    The first biophilic Learning Ecosystem on earth.