• Learning is the ultimate human superpower.


    We love embodied learning.

  • Our Essence


    Why? We believe that Learning is our superpower. Learning makes us alchemists. We can transform anything by learning. Especially ourselves. We love Embodied Learning. We prefer encountering in the flesh. We are the opposite of virtual. We celebrate the full presence and blending with the environment.


    How? We generate conditions for Learning to be 1) experiential, meaning the real thing happens through you, 2) holistic, meaning connected to all dimensions of life, and 3) pragmatic, meaning it is useful for your daily challenges.


    What? We curate and integrate cutting edge learning options into one powerful physical space. We re-connect what usually is apart and support a vibrant community.

  • Fractal Values


    We want to ensure that we walk the talk.


    Love2Learn Valley is designed as a fractal ecosystem: the whole lives in each part. And we aim for that whole to be:













  • Finnish Soul


    Love2Learn Valley hosts and puts into practice amazing international models and programs coming from different countries and backgrounds.


    At its very heart, Love2Learn Valley blends the best of those international options around a Finnish soul.


    The goal is to build regenerative social spots where we build trust, respect, care, and love of learning.


    Our Finnish Strategic Partners are all Education Finland Official Members. This means they have all been approved by the Finnish government as highly qualified institutions.

  • Core Interest Dimensions

    We believe the love for learning should be nurtured across all key dimensions of our lives.


    Which are those key dimensions? Well, we don’t really know. But we picked up 6 that add together what we consider equally important:

    1. Business
    2. Technology
    3. Expression
    4. Health
    5. Hospitality
    6. Growth

    These dimensions are just gateways to the ecosystem. They are definitely not meant to be silos. Rather the opposite: mere points of view and diverse approach for common ground.

  • Welcome to Love2Learn Valley.

    The first biophilic Learning Ecosystem on earth.