• Grounding Space


  • Growth


    Evolution never ends. Life always finds conditions conducive to life. And it “learns” in the process.


    So do we. But we somehow forget about it. Learning is frequently associated with schooling, and only after a second thought, with life.


    Learning to Learn (which really means falling in love with your superpower and using it) is the greatest gift we can have. Yet, we only discover that as adults, if we ever do.


    Can you imagine the collective power we would have if we engaged with our love for learning since we were kids?

    It is perfectly possible.


    Schools can shift from being conforming machines to being diverging greenhouses.

  • Grounding Space

    Lumo + Fun Academy


    In order to grow healthy, we need to ground boldly.


    The immediate impact all the Valley generates plants its seeds of future at the Grounding Space: a school like no other.


    With Finnish roots both, Lumo School, and Fun Academy, operate within the local official school system and receive apprentices at initial, primary, and secondary levels. The programs are fully aligned with the Valley´s Values and are held in an experiential, holistic, and pragmatic way. The focus relies on:

    · offering options (to learn to choose responsibly),

    · working with others (to celebrate diversity and build trust),

    · challenging the status quo (to learn to navigate uncertainty), and

    · connecting head, heart, and hands (to learn in a healthy and happy manner).

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  • Self-regulation

  • Holistic Learning

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  • Welcome to Love2Learn Valley.

    The first holistic Learning Ecosystem on earth.