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    In the end, it is all about being happy and healthy.


    Yet, we have never been so disconnected from our bodies. The advancement of the mind has neglected all the other wisdom.

    But we can recover it.


    We are incredible pieces of biotechnology, shaped through millions of years to reach our present shape. And we have little or even no clue about how we work or even how to take care of us.


    The time has come when we have access to reliable data so we can be responsible active agents of our own equipment.


    Nutrition, Movement, and Rest. The three pillars on which our nature relies. Three pillars that also support the other dimensions (even though we forget about it!).

  • Health Park


    The Health Park is much more than just a space to exercise.


    It combines amazing offerings like calisthenics, yoga, and movingness with places where to set yourself free, move naturally and play.


    Following stoic and anti-fragile principles, through an evolutionary paradigm, the Health Park is the place where you can learn to admire and love your body.


    It is the opposite of a conventional gym. No machines or artificial movement. The idea is that you get re-connected to your ancestral wisdom and discover your body’s natural potential.


    The Health Park experience includes a Playground, a Greenhouse Restó, and a Hotel. You can learn to produce, prepare and eat real food as well as to respect and nurture your resting time.

  • Natural movement & play - The Playground - #Learn2Move

  • Food production & preparation - Greenhouse Restó - #Learn2Nurture

  • Appreciation of Rest - Hotel - #Learn2Rest

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