• Hospitality Nodes


  • Hospitality


    We evolved in many different social structures. The common thing is the need and reward of being with others.


    But do we learn how to host? Are we aware of what is needed to feel comfortable and safe? Do we know how to create that for others?


    We believe communities are, in the end, a network of relationships. We notice we have very little opportunities to explicitly learn how to nurture bonding opportunities.


    We are committed to bringing hospitality to the table across every dimension.

  • Hospitality Nodes


    We know that the world is a great school.


    We consider learning to host and be hospitable as the foundations for a healthy community.


    The Hospitality Nodes include a Cowork Space, a Cool Café, and a Chic Restó.


    They are also learning spaces. They are fully aligned with al the Valley´s Values.


    They serve the community within and they are also great doors and edges to welcome and bond with newcomers.

  • Cowork Space #Learn2Collaborate

  • Cool Café #Learn2Mingle

  • Chic Restó #Learn2Taste

  • Welcome to Love2Learn Valley.

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