• Local or Global?



  • Accredited Finnish implementations

    Love2Learn Valley hosts and puts into practice amazing international models and programs coming from different countries.


    At its very heart, Love2Learn Valley´s essence is mainly based on Finnish models. The goal is to build regenerative social spots where we build trust, respect, care, and love of learning. Our Finnish Strategic Partners are all Education Finland Official Members. This means they have all been approved by the Finnish government as highly qualified institutions.

  • A Glocal Community.

    Starting in Argentina. Growing to the Americas and beyond.

    Latin America is in desperate need of a profound change but it is still far behind in developing its own solutions.


    There is a huge opportunity in adapting and implementing already well-known projects and scaling them up rapidly to convey immediate impact (especially in adult, entrepreneurial and technological education) and transformative impact (in the long run, via new generations).


    Being glocal means we embrace a global approach while taking care of the local details.

  • Love2Learn Valley creates a vibrant community

    Love2Learn Valley is an ambitious concept. It is the embodiment of the possibility of a transformed system, with learning at its core. It is its vivid proof and its development plant.


    Love2Learn Valley is unique worldwide. It is a space where the most renowned social innovation and educational practices coexist in a wholeness experience.


    Love2Learn Valley is like a Disney World for learning. It is a sparkling ecosystem. It is a hot spot that offers its transformative energy to the region and the world.

  • Welcome to Love2Learn Valley.

    The first holistic Learning Ecosystem on earth.