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    Technology has been developed since the invention of fire. We create technology, and technology transforms us.


    We believe producing technology is at the heart of our humanity. It depicts how we overcome never-ending challenges.


    Technology can also be an alienating factor, disconnecting us from our primal selves.


    We love technology and we are curious about where Computer Science, Robotics, Biotech, and Blockchain (amongst many others!) will lead. We are committed to integrating those findings with all dimensions. Not only to prevent alienation but mainly because we see that option as a richer one.

  • Tech Nub - SV01 + AI College


    Nub means “the crux or central point of a matter”. The core, essence, nucleus.


    We already see AI and robotics are at the heart of the next paradigm shift. Therefore, coding is a language that we need to talk and integrate into our lives.


    SV01 is a Leading Computer Science School. Funded by Kwame Yamgnane (School 42 creator), SV01 brings in the boldness of a super demanding peer2peer learning environment.


    AI College is a work in progress. Top-notch Finnish specialists are creating an AI University for India. Love2Learn Valley will host that program in its Tech Nub as soon as it is ready.


    The Tech Nub and the Business School are different sides of the same coin. In Love2Learn Valley they are together, overlapped, sharing space, time and resources.

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